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How To Find Investors

by Steve Patterson on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 6:39 PM

Businesses often decide that they need investment to either keep the business alive or kick start a period of growth.  What is the best way to find investors for your business?

Where to look

There are a number of ways for businesses to find investors in the private equity marketplace.  As a business, there are a number of reasons for which you may need to raise equity quickly, and as such different reasons will lead you to different equity providers.

A site such as Dealmarket is an excellent resource for finding serious investors for your business.  Dealmarket only allows access to their site to qualified investors, meaning you can have confidence that every potential private equity investor you communicate with has a proven track record and is a bona fide investor.

Dealmarket also offers consultation and advice services for those at the initial stages of considering investment.  Seeking private equity is a significant step and Dealmarket understands this.  As a business owner why not utilize the resources already available to you such as your accountant or bank manager, who will be able to give you sound advice and perhaps help you find investors relevant to your sector.

Preparation is key

Finding investors is a major landmark in your search but it’s only a small step.  In order to find investors you will need a detailed presentation and report showcasing your business and the opportunities available to the potential investors.  Remember that investors are looking for growth opportunities within the business, as well as potential for adding value to the business and cash flow.  Investors will also be looking for a strong management team who know their business inside out, so you could ultimately carry the key to whether you find investors successfully.

Finally, potential private equity investors will be looking for you to provide a clear exit strategy alongside your timelines for when they can expect to see returns from their investment.  Remember that most private equity investors plan their strategies around a three to seven year investment period so that should give some indication of the timescales they would be expecting to see in your business plan.

If at first you don’t succeed

Should you not be able to find investment immediately it is vitally important you persevere.  Take on board any feedback you get from potential investors to hone your presentation to make your business as attractive as possible to investors.  Use any friends who are in business as well as your accountant and other people available to help you find investors to assist you in taking your firm forward.


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