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Alibaba IPO Expectations And Hopes

Sep 13 2014
Alibaba screenshot

Alibaba screenshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Alibaba Holding Group Limited will be landing on the US stock market on September 19th. This corporate behemoth from China began its preparations for the Alibaba IPO yesterday and this is Alibaba IPO that could possible be a record breaker. The preparations included company execs joining forces with bankers to woo potential investors. It is anticipated that the Alibaba IPO will fall within the $60-$66 price range.

This means that the company has the potential to be valued up to $163 billion and would make the company the third largest global Internet firm in terms of market capitalization, behind Google and Facebook. Following this criteria, on September 19th, the Alibaba IPO will put the company in the top 5% of the S&P500.

Donald Trump Is Not Worried About Casino Job Losses

Sep 05 2014
English: View of Trump Taj Mahal and Chairman ...

English: View of Trump Taj Mahal and Chairman Tower from the Boardwalk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Donald Trump Not to be Concerned About Casino Bankruptcies or Job Losses

Atlantic City's Showboat Hotel and Casino shuttered its doors on August 31st, and the Revel Hotel did the same a few days later. A total of 5,000 job losses resulted, including those of bartenders, waitresses, dealers, security guards and all other casino personnel. Atlantic City's Trump Plaza Hotel is also slated for closure later in September, bringing the total job loss to over 6,000 laid-off workers. 

Donald Trump has a history with Atlantic City, including leaving his business dealings in the area before its economic collapse.

Fast Food Shares Skyrocket; Traders Anticipate Merger-friendly Taxes

Aug 26 2014
Tim Hortons Coffee & Bake Shop

Tim Hortons Coffee & Bake Shop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tim Horton's and Burger King have seen a drastic increase since the fast food giants have begun joining forces by means of a merger. Such a move could assist Tim Horton's in increasing its odds of successful future United States growth.

While the actual dollar value of such a deal is unknown, it is reported that both companies experienced a surge in stocks, showing the Burger King company and associated franchises up more than 16% to over $31 dollars on the NYSE shares. Tim Horton's took a noticeable leap up 19%, balancing out at more than $82 on the stock market in Toronto, Canada. This was an increase of $13.52.

The Life, Work And Charity Of Warren Buffett

Aug 22 2014
The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business ...

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Warren Buffett is a rich investor, who is recognized world over for his sound and rewarding investments, as well as the biggest charity donation in the US. He was born of a stockbroker and U.S Congressman father and a homemaker mother in Omaha Nebraska, on 30th August, 1930. He was the second born in a family of three; two girls and a boy. Warren's family moved to Virginia (Fredricksburg) when he was only 12 years old, after his father got a U.S House of Representatives favorable election.

Regulators Urge Caution Over Bitcoin

Aug 12 2014
The bitcoin logo

The bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has moved to warn consumers of the risks associated with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The federal regulatory body has said that it will start tackling complaints from members of the public who use virtual currencies and the online exchanges that trade in them.

In a statement, agency director Richard Cordray described Bitcoin as "the Wild West." He acknowledged that online currencies can offer numerous advantages in the world of e-commerce, but emphasized that they present many potential downsides too, and that unlike conventional bank deposits, virtual currencies are not underwritten by the government.

The SureTrader Platform Has Become A Competitor

Jul 22 2014
Parkett-Boerse in Ffm

Parkett-Boerse in Ffm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SureTrader Brokerage Firm Investing Benefits:

The SureTrader brokerage firm is based in the Bahamas. The Securities Commissions of the Bahamas is their regulating body. SureTrader serves an entire international community with very competitive rates. Even if you have a broker already, it never hurts to keep your options open to what works.

SureTrader can offer you several trading platforms to meet with your comfort level and needs. They have a bottom level for trading equities and options that is free, and it is easily accessed from any computer with an Internet capabilities. They also have a very popular mid-level platform that can be accessed for a low monthly fee. Their mid-level platform enables users to access their 'point-and-click' fast trading that helps newbies who lack experience. Their final platform level comes in the form of a mobile app that gives you access to your account 24/7. It can be used to make additional orders or place quotes. Regardless of the option you select, you will have great accessibility and good flexibility for making as much money as you can.

CitiGroup Trading Earnings Exceed Expectations

Jul 14 2014
citigroup center

citigroup center (Photo credit: Peter Guthrie)

Citigroup's Trading Revenue Earnings Better Than Expected is Good News For Bank Stocks

It seems a bit odd that good news from a big bank to the banking sector would come on the day it announced that it signed an agreement for $7 billion to settle an investigation of mortgage securities sales by the government, and that helped sustain the latest financial crisis. But the release of second quarter earnings from Citigroup C+3.13% is a good sign for big banks that have been embattled in recent months.

After adjusting for the high cost of Citigroup and the Federal Government's large-scale mortgage settlement, its earnings for the second quarter surpassed expectations. Although analysts expected earnings of $1.05 per share, Citigroup reported actual earnings of $1.24 a share, or $3.93 billion.

GoDaddy Inc. Completes Paperwork for 100 Million IPO

Jul 08 2014
GoDaddy transition successful!

GoDaddy transition successful! (Photo credit: Ross LaRocco)

On Monday, GoDaddy Hosting filed the necessary paperwork with the U.S authorities for an IPO to raise around 100 million dollars by selling Class A common shares.

The IPO's lead underwriters include JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup, according to a preliminary prospectus submitted to the U.S SEC.
However, the filing did not include details of the expected share price or the number of shares the company plans to sell.

GoDaddy Inc. joins Twitter Inc. and other tech companies that have had successful IPO's in the last one year.

Should The Export Import Bank Be Funded

Jul 08 2014
Seal of the Export-Import Bank of the United S...

Seal of the Export-Import Bank of the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Washington, nobody can seem to come to any agreements. But given the numerous social and economic problems and issues we face as a nation, our government should not be forwarding to wealthy politically connected corporations, our limited public resources. And this is precisely what is done by the Export Import Bank.

Some in favor say the Ex-Im Bank protects jobs, promotes U.S. exports and for the taxpayers is a positive deal. These arguments don't stand up under scrutiny.

A Look At Investing In Google

Jul 01 2014
Google Street View - Pan-American Trek - Downt...

Google Street View - Pan-American Trek - Downtown Banff (Photo credit: kevin dooley)

Investing in Google today is an interesting part of what stock investing may look like in future decades. Trading is excepted to change noticeably in the next 25 years, and the practice will appear quite different even within the next decade. The middle class of the future is expected to have access to personal stocking trading advisement from professional brokerage consultants. One of these advisers just might be in the form of a digital avatar designed to give highly personalized trading advice.

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