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Convince Yourself with These Reasons to Invest in Google Stock

Dec 26 2015

Invest in Google Stock

Google is known as the biggest search engine in the world and it has now offered so much more than just a search engine to help you find what you are looking for in the online world. Google has also equipped their business with Google Stock, a promising place to put your investment online. The internet technology has provided us with many investment opportunities and choosing one of them should be very difficult especially when we talk about a great amount of money. One thing for sure, if you plan to invest your money in a stock, you should consider plenty of things and find more reasons why you should trust your money on them. This time, let us find several reasons to convince yourself that investing your money Google Stock is a good thing.

If you have a closer look at the internet search market, you will find that Google has been dominating it for many years by more than 50%. It is very likely that Google will continue its domination considering the the closest competitor, which is Yahoo!, only owns less than 25% of the market share. This gigantic search engine company has come up with a magic touch. It seems like everything they touch will turn into gold in no time at all. Their reliable technology has also invited more people to start investing their money in this company. Google is trying hard to spread their domination in the online world even more. Starting from a helpful search engine that helps you find everything more easily, this company has now come up with Gmail services, Google Earth, Google Map, Adsense, iGoogle and Adwords. In the future, there might be more products introduced by Google to make our life a lot easier.

Google has also taken a big role in the explosion of smartphone. Without the Google’s Android OS, Apple and Microsoft might be the only big players in the world of smartphone these days. In fact, Strategy Analytics has come up with a surprising report in 2013 that said the worldwide shipments of smartphone is dominated by Android OS by 79%. That huge market share has simply given great opportunities to Google to gain enormous revenues through content, advertising and applications on the smartphones powered by Android. It does not take an expert to understand the rapidly-increasing number of Android-powered smartphone users in this world.

Another obvious reasons why you need to invest your money in Google Stock is that the company is now flush with cash. Google has turned out to be multi-billion company that always show great ambitions and interest in the future of technology. Last year alone, Google has operated more than $18 billion of cash flow. Wall Street can only list out a few companies with such kind of reliable stability. In addition to the stability that Google has been showing, their ambitious acquisitions have also attracted many big investors. This search engine company has what it takes to become a major competitor in every field of technology in this world.

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