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Notorious Cocaine Drug Trafficker Named In Forbes Financial Publication Among World’s Wealthiest

Mar 19 2012

Joaquín Guzmán Loera drug lord and lider of th...

Joaquín Guzmán Loera drug lord and lider of the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 1980’s have become known as the time of the cocaine explosion in North America, where this predominately Central American produced drug was consumed by our country in abundance for the first time since prior generations. The 1980’s were a time when cocaine usage crossed into all social and economic lines to sub-urban and rural America, and over into the stereotypical impoverished ghetto’s of the inner city to the hands of lawyers, actors, housewives and the average John Doe. Since then, with the advent of new trends in synthetic illegal narcotics usage such as “ecstasy”, “methamphetamines”, and even prescription drug abuse with the like of “oxycotin” and so on that have since been introduced to the generation y/millenials, the reputation of the drug cocaine usage in has decreased in notoriety as something of the past.

Apparently this perception of the popularity and usage of cocaine is a bit mis-informed, and demand for Central American imported cocaine in North America is not so different than the 1980’s. Recently, a notorious cocaine trafficker Joaquin Guzman Loera a.k.a “El Chapo,” is reported be responsible to have directed billions in cocaine shipments to our country, who’s operation has thus far profited El Chapo enough to accumulate an estimated net worth in the billions, was named in Forbes financial publications among the world's richest, listed an estimated minimum net worth of 1.1 billion. Somebody is buying this man’s product in our country. The stereotype of an inner city scene with run down apartments, gangs and the impoverished surviving on welfare, bad credit auto loans and any means to get by, perhaps is flawed. It seems sub-urban Americans and rural Americans , middle and upper class are just as likely unchanged in their involvement and usage as was in the 1980’s.

The likes of cocaine traffickers like “El Chapo” making Forbes list of the world’s richest among the likes of Bill Gates, and real estate and oil sultans from abroad, is telling of the fact that this industry is still supported amongst all socio-economic groups of  U.S. citizens as it was in the 1980’s. Also noteworthy, “El Chapo” was also recognized by Forbes magazine as #55 among the “world’s most powerful”. This no doubt is indicative of a fierce cocaine demand in our country, where even notorious drug traffickers like “El Chapo” can be acclaimed such financial notoriety for his wealth earned from illegal cocaine trafficking even in a time where our country is experiencing some of our worst economic hardships in years.

This article was written by Mike.  Mike is a writer for New Start Auto Loans a bad credit auto loans company that assists people with difficult to finance situations in finding a finance program that specializes in bad credit, limited credit, and no credit.  

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