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The New MBA Student and the One-Year Course Goal Outline

May 11 2011

1. Simple Steps

A familiar Chinese proverb declares that the longest journey begins with a single step. For someone considering earning the treasured MBA, that first step is followed by another and repeated until the degree is in hand. The steps are simple ones—more simple than many believe: Make the decision. Don't think about it. Don't dream about having it. Simply decide that this is the year to do it.

2. Research Parameters 

Determine what time frame is available for classes and study time. Would a nightly class be more convenient than one on the weekend? Is an online course more favorable than a traditional classroom? Is independent study preferred or is a group setting better?

3. Research Options

 Based on Step 2, learn what schools are available, financing options, course delivery possibilities, and class schedules.

4. Submit Applications

Submit applications to any and all found to meet the basic requirements and options in Steps 2 and 3. If accepted to more than one, choose the best for the individual situation.

5. Arrange Financing

Determine if any employer contribution plan will reimburse course costs, and if so, will it be before or after course completion and at what percentage? Can savings cover the remainder of the course cost? Will a loan or grant be required? If so, contact the student advocate at the university or college for assistance.

Be sure to include the costs of books and required supplies and not just the cost of the learning experience.

6. Obtain Materials

Once accepted into a chosen school, allow time to find and purchase the required materials. If ordered online, allow sufficient time for delivery prior to the start of the class.


While waiting, organize time and space for studying. If using the kitchen or dining room table, make sufficient room and dedicate the space if possible. Block out the time on calendars; turn off distractions, such as the TV, radio, and telephones.

8. Pre-Study

If the books and other material arrive early, spend some time scanning textbooks and references. If using a computer with Internet access, search for reference sites and save them for later use. Ensure the word processing program works as it should. Design a template for papers and later save each submitted paper as a separate document.

9. Journey's End

As the course formally starts and progresses, remember what the time and effort will accomplish and concentrate on getting there—learning all there is to earn that coveted MBA at the journey's end, reached one step at a time.

About the Author

JC Ryan is a freelance writer for My Colleges and Careers helps people determine if an online education is right for them and helps them search for online degrees that can help them reach their goals.

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