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2/22/2017 3:16:31 PM
  Ordering Your Burger At A Kiosk
By srpatterson


Dublin based burger chain Wendy's has discovered that customers like to use kiosks to order their food. After experimenting with kiosks last year, the company plans to have them in place in up to 1,000 restaurants later this year, about ten percent at company owned restaurants.

The average store will be given three kiosks, which save on staffing costs and provide younger customers with a more interactive dining experience. Customers who prefer to order at the counter can still do so, pointed out Wendy's chief information officer David Trimm.

Wendy's, along with the rest of the fast food industry, have realized that automated ordering of food is the way of the future, partly to offset 5 percent wage inflation from last year. Ordering food from kiosks also guarantees that orders are always accurate; the use of kiosks also means that lines at Wendy's restaurants move more quickly, especially during the busy lunch time and dinner periods.

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2/13/2017 2:16:32 PM
  Results Of 2017 Most Hated Companies Lists
By srpatterson


The 2017 List of Most Hated Companies in the U.S.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of hate out there, and the top 11 of the most hated companies in America this year are the recipients of a whopping 23 percent of global hatred felt toward corporations. It isn't possible to post something about one of these companies on an online forum without a barrage of hate-filled replies calling you evil and saying you are part of their over-priced, lousy service, kitten-hating corporations.

Customer service is probably one of the biggest players in a customer's perception of a company and whether they grow to hate that company. Nothing can make a customer more hateful than being put on hold for twenty minutes listening to music they also hate. This leads to why cable companies are so well represented in the top most hated companies in America in 2017. These are the companies almost everyone has to call up sometime.

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Basic Management Techniques

Feb 03 2011

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There are a number of basic skills that managers need to master if they are to become competent and proficient in directing the resources under their control. Whilst elementary to some, others may need coaching or training to help develop basic skills that may exist in the newly promoted manager.

First is the ability to manage oneself because if you cannot accomplish that feat, how can you possibly manage others effectively? This requires a degree of objectivity on your part and solid dependable feedback from others you trust in order to get a fair picture of your strengths and weaknesses. All too often managers fail to take time to analyze their own competencies and effectiveness yet expect respect from others that they lead or work with.

As a minimum, an effective manager should be able to identify when they themselves are stressed and how this changes their style and effectiveness. They should also review how they work and the hours that they work, as anyone in a leadership role sets an example to others on how to behave. That means working too much is as bad as working too little. Focusing on the right things so as not to lose sight of core objectives is crucial too. Perhaps it would be worthwhile for a newly promoted manager to seek out a mentor to help them become more effective in the workplace.

All managers should have the basic skill of problem solving. Along with this comes the ability to make decisions rather than sitting on the fence. There are some effective diagnostic tools that point to a person's preferred style of problem solving and this can lead to helping to build a team of complementary talents, compensating for individual weaknesses. Weaknesses are there to be overcome and not ignored.

No manager can be successful without having the ability to plan and manage planned activities. Being able to quantify and allocate correct resources to achieve desired goals is a key requirement of a manager. Whilst strategy development may be left for senior managers, even junior leaders have to accept responsibility for being able to prioritize and plan departmental or individual workloads to achieve the right results.

Having resources at one's disposal means you must develop a sense of how to use it. Delegation is a key part of management, which involves trust and supervision to ensure goals are achieved and employees are competent to achieve what has been tasked to them. Letting go with control is a fundamental step for successful management.

Communication is an area where many management teams and most business projects fail. Being informed and informing others of relevant information that can assist in the completion of a goal or objective is crucial. E-mail and conference calling can be seen as chores rather than the powerful communication tools that they are. Disciplined management around the use of both is essential because one of the key resources available to any business is staff time and this should not be unduly wasted. Conference calls save time and cost but require discipline and good agendas to optimize everyone's time.

Matt Smith – Freelance business, conference calling and technology blogger.

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