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Twitter Disappoints With Quarterly Earnings Report


CEO Jack Dorsey is attempting to turn around Twitter but the latest quarter result, released Tuesday night, is no indication that will happen anytime soon. First quarter 2016 advertising revenue came in softer than anticipated. Analyst were hoping for $608 million in revenue but the company only produced $595 million. Shares tumbled after hours last night and opened up down 16% were they stayed all day (closing at $14.86), even as the overall market climbed in the afternoon.

Twitter added 5 million new users during the quarter, although Twitter is famous for having more fake accounts created than real accounts. The company also stated that 310 million users are active each month. The is an improvement over user sign-ups and activity from prior quarters. The popular social media site ranks second in media attention behind only Facebook.

Twitter IPO Vs. Facebook

Nov 05 2013
Twitter 6x6

Twitter 6x6 (Photo credit: Steve Woolf)

Twitter IPO Vs. Facebook

Is there a race between social networks to see which company will have the bigger IPO? At first glance, it would seem Twitter had no intentions of posting such a high IPO, but their current policy of growth says otherwise.

When considering the nature of an IPO as an initial public posting, this one appears to be a shock to the market. Twitter was not expected to feature so strongly, even though they are worth a fraction of Facebook. This news is causing a buzz in financial circles.

Stock Swindlers Use Social Networking Sites Like Twitter

Sep 04 2013
Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Social networking sites may have made the world smaller, but they have also resulted in an added security threat to businesses. Almost a third of all Internet users are on Twitter with around 175 million tweets being circulated a day. The speed at which information travels is the basis of how stock market swindlers work. It is difficult to pinpoint the source of a piece of information that has gone viral, and in the while that it takes to find and shut it down, the damage can be done.

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