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The S&P 500 Is The Likely Winner Of The Crisis In Cyprus

Apr 01 2013
English: Bank of Cyprus huge offices in Agland...

English: Bank of Cyprus huge offices in Aglandjia suberb of Nicosia Republic of Cyprus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The S&P 500 Is The Likely Winner Of The Crisis In Cyprus

Some investors know that there is a certain potential element of opportunity lurking in almost every dark cloud. In the case of the recent restructuring of the Cypriot banking sector, this is most certainly the case. As the Cyprus banks reopen and money gradually trickles past the currency controls imposed to prevent capital flight, funds have to find a home somewhere else. Even if it takes months to gradually extract one's deposits, it is going to happen.

Taking A Look At Bank Earnings

Image representing Goldman Sachs as depicted i...

Image via CrunchBase

Big Bank Earnings: The Week Ahead Could Be Make Or Break

With five of six of the largest banks in the nation scheduled to report earning results for the fourth quarter, for the financial sector it is a make or break week. On Wednesday morning Goldman Sachs (GS) and JP Morgan (JPM) report. On Thursday it will be Bank of America (BAC) and Citigroup (C) while Friday it is Morgan Stanley (MS).

There have been strong gains for bank stocks ahead of these critical earnings reports. The Financial SPDR ETF (XLF) which carefully follows more than 80 diversified financials has shown a gain of over 4% since the beginning of the year and from one year ago 23%.

Small Banks Vs. Big Banks: Which is Better for my Business

Current Bank of America branch in Porter Ranch...

Image via Wikipedia

This is a question that is weighing on most business owner's minds these days, especially since the banking crisis and the bailout debacle of late. Many of the big banks, that we were so certain were too large to have anything to worry about, failed. The small banks were almost expected to fail.  But that only makes one wonder if the business account is safe anywhere. The truth is it isn't.

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