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Jackson Hewitt Jumps on Wal-Mart and Earnings

by Steve Patterson on Wednesday, December 9, 2009 11:31 AM

Jackson Hewitt Jumps on Wal-Mart and Earnings

On back to back days the two largest tax preparation services released prior quarter earnings. H&R Block Inc (HRB) reported on Tuesday disappointing investors who sent the stock tumbling from $20.48 a share to $19.90 a share on the day. Today saw the opposite reaction for Jackson Hewitt (JTX) which saw their shares bounce higher 17% on a better than expected loss. These companies are both cyclical and usually post profits during the first 2 quarters of a calendar year only.

H&R Block Inc.

The H&R Block loss was better than expected at 38 cents compared to 40 cents. But the company also announced the closing of 400 stores in 2010 and their exit from Wal-Mart stores across the country. They also forecasted single digital revenue growth during the coming year. TaxCut is a popular software product available from H&R Block that allows tax filling through self preparation. This form of tax filing is become more popular as compared to the face to face tax preparation that has been the standard for the company for years.

Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt lost 66 cents per share during the most recent quarter. But the company is excited about manning 1,800 Wal-mart stores with tax preparers this coming tax season. The company also has a new online tax preparation product that they will be releasing for the first time this January. These two revenue growth outlets have investors feeling good about the company. The 17% jump in price is a good opportunity to take profits if you have help the stock for some time. Otherwise, wait for the stock to fall back to preannouncement levels before buying.

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11 comment(s) so far...

Anonymous 12/14/2009

Very helpful for research. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous 12/14/2009

Good post as the data is latest and one can access it for his research in this scenario.

Anonymous 12/14/2009

Thanks for the comments, I am a little surprised by the continued strength in the name. Inverstors must feel they can do well with the Wal Mart stores while H&R Block was not able to.

Anonymous 12/17/2009

The information provided is of great help for investors, as it would give the clearer image of the market performance. Now, investors can make decision before making investment depending on the strength of the investment proportion.

Anonymous 12/22/2009

Hello,<br>Today earning profits from share market is really has become a fact of luck.tumbling from $20.48 a share to $19.90 a share on the day ? starnge?....Even you can get a complete help on share market from various BPO companies.<br>thanks,<br>

Anonymous 12/22/2009

Companies like Wal-mart should soon extinct. In my opinion threating employers as a pieces of meat is no long-term politics and will turn against the creators of it. I hope to see more companies that give their employers more positive feelings.

Anonymous 12/23/2009

Hmm... interesting data here. Thanks for sharing this information! It's great for someone doing research about stocks.

Anonymous 12/26/2009

Thats why im always scared to put money. You always have to keep up, i just dont know if i have that much time.

Anonymous 12/27/2009

It really dropped the last trading day. If you went long, you got hurt.

Anonymous 1/1/2010

I really wonder of Jackson Hewitt can really do any better job in Walmart than H&R Block did. I mean H&R certainly has the bigger brand name in the industry, or at least it seems to be more recognizable. However, I suspect that many will stay clear of having their taxes done at Wal Mart just because of it being Wal Mart.. Imagine neighbors coming in and seeing you having your taxes done at Discount City...embarassing? I dont know.. If they are cheap enough, I would do it though.

Anonymous 1/7/2010

Jackson Hewitt, with their outstnding business in 2009 is touching the heights of the target . After all their well management must be appreciated which created all this difference.

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