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AIG Earnings Of This Quarter


AIG-USA (Photo credit: Mike Licht,

AIG Earnings Of This Quarter

Is AIG a certain by for you?  If you have over the past month, you may have seen some very favorable results.  AIG earnings have improved by a staggering 50% over the past twelve months and a respectable five percent in the past month alone.  Anyone who has thought about buying into AIG, a Delaware insurance provider, may think seriously about increasing their shareholdings.  What does the future appear to hold for AIG earnings?

The Look Forward

AIG hit its fifty-two week high within the past month and is on track to exceed that figure; its fifty-two week low occurred in November last year and appears to be well behind the company.  With a market cap of sixty-seven billion dollars, this insurance provider is coming out ahead in a market where many of its competitors are struggling to come up with new customers. 

What To Look For

When AIG releases their earnings report, every investor should take a closer look in order to get a glimpse into what could happen in the future.  Start by looking at its performance -- quite good -- and then look at the cash flow in order to determine whether or not AIG is using or earning their capital.  If they have a negative cash flow, it suggests a fall.  In the event that the company has outstanding lawsuits, look to see what the financial factor is; stay away if the price tag is big enough to cause blips in the stock price.

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