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Burger King Worldwide 2013 Third Quarter Results

A Hamburger, fries, and a coke from a fast-foo...

A Hamburger, fries, and a coke from a fast-food restaurant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Burger King Worldwide 2013 Third Quarter Results

Over the years, Burger King have been steadily going from strength to strength, so it comes as no surprise that the third quarter results are so impressive. Their third quarter earnings have grown dramatically to $68.2 million in net profit. This translates to 19 cents per share. This result towers over the result from the same time last year and Burger King shows no sign of relaxing it's positive momentum.

The head executives at Burger King claim that part of the reason for this dramatic victory is the result of their recently introduced new French fries. Satisfries(TM) are the first "better-for-you" French fries on the fast food market. Burger King Worldwide CEO Daniel Schwartz believes that this new introduction demonstrates their "commitment to leading innovation." With people the world over beginning to ask more questions about the food that they eat, these new fries have come at a time when the interest in healthier living is on the rise.

By numbers, Burger King has some very impressive highlights to show for 2013's third quarter results. An increase of 0.9% in global comparable sales and a 4.9% sales rise in constant currency. The adjusted Diluted EPS and EBITDA increased by 31.6% and 16.7% respectively. The adjusted EBITDA margin increased to a staggering 64.0% and their net restaurant growth rose to 111.1% from last year.

Looking forward, Burger King Worldwide is determined to continue to impress with their quarterly results by bringing more innovations and further growth for the already highly successful company.

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