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Apple Not Displeased With Apple Watch Sales Numbers


CEO Tim Cook is comfortable with the numbers for Apple Watch

Apple is well-known not to reveal their sales figures for each product. This has left market experts wondering if the Apple Watch is a hit or a miss. The IDC has reported that they are under what the company expected. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook says that they are "just fine".

The market for wearable technology is small. There are only 4 companies. The most popular competitor is FitBit. While we don't know the sales numbers, we do know that Apple has shipped over 70% fewer units in the last year.

Apple admits that they have shipped less, but they are also saying that the upcoming quarter should be the best yet for the relatively new product. They point to their huge success in the first week of Black Friday as a good indicator of this. This might be a little specific, but it is something. The quarter that holds the holiday season is always the best quarter for any retail company.

The Apple Watch is a good gift because it is something a lot of people wouldn't buy for themselves. They do like having one, though. The product does require a subscription. This is creating some other worries for Apple. It is important that Apple Watch owners find the product useful and renew their 2-year subscriptions when they come up.

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