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TaxAct for Free 2008 Tax Filing

Jan 30 2009


TaxAct for Free 2008 Tax Filing

If you are looking for a great free solution to completing your 2008 taxes here in 2009, TaxAct is a good choice. I used the downloadable version several years ago and was able to complete my return and send it to the IRS without incurring any costs. And my return was not the typical 1040EZ return but one with a Schedule D, a Schedule E, and a Schedule C.

By Steve Patterson

TaxAct now offers a number of different options for their clients including online and downloadable tax filing programs. You can still complete easy or complex returns and send them in electronically to the IRS for free. Plus there are Deluxe and Ultimate packages that provide additional assistance and very minimal costs. The Deluxe package is an additional $9.95 while the Ultimate package is $16.95. These prices are better than all other downloadable software products on the market. Plus TaxAct has been around for over 10 years and guarantees the accuracy of your return. So take a look at there filing options today.

TaxAct 2008 Online Standard

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