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Stocks on the 52 Week High List - Energy and Rails

Feb 27 2008

Stocks on the 52 Week High List

Apache Corp. (APA) is a 36 Billion market-cap Houston based energy company that reached a new 52 week high intraday yesterday and could possibly continue moving higher in the near term. The 12 analyst that cover the stock have raised its current quarter earnings estimates from 2.24 a share 90 days ago to 2.59 today. It has a low 14 price and earnings ratio with very nice 52% revenue growth year over year and 106% earnings growth.

XTO Energy Inc. (XTO) is another Texas based energy company involved in the exploration and development of oil and gas properties domestically. The analyst are not as convinced about XTO’s earnings growth in the quarter as they are about Apache’s, but for the current year, the 30 analyst that cover the stock have increased their expectations from 3.42 a share to 3.59 a share. This stock has a 17 P/E with 33% revenue growth (yoy) and 8% earnings growth.

CSX Corp. (CSX) is a railway company that also reached a new 52 week high intraday yesterday. This is more of a slow growth industry with current quarter earnings estimates increasing from 0.60 a share 90 days ago to 0.63 a share today. There is a better dividend of 1.20%, compared with 0.5% for Apache and 0.8% for XTO, which adds to the total return of ownership. The P/E is at 17 with quarterly revenue growth of 7.6% and quarterly earnings growth of 5.2%. This stock is a little expensive at this time but the industry has been strong with Warren Buffet purchasing shares of Burlington Northern around $80 according to reports and Carl Icahn purchasing shares of American Railcar (ARII), Greenbrier (GBX) and a 9.5% stake in CSX Corp (CSX).

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