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Money Management On Mobile Devices

Jan 30 2013

Mobile devices have been the life blood of my business for quite some time now, they allow me to do things on the road that would  have previously been impossible. No matter what device you are using, you need to find the right application in order to get things done as you intend. Personal Capital is an application that I have been very happy with every since I first decided to download it onto my iPad. Originally, I was attracted to the application because it was free, this meant I did not have to worry about wasting money so that I could manage my finances. One of the most important aspects of keeping your finances in order would be the ability to see where your money is going.

On both my iPhone and iPad, I was able to use Personal Capital to determine where my money was being spent, this helped to consider areas that I would be able to cut back on in the future. I have been interested in putting more money away for the purpose of retirement and this application is very helpful when it comes to easily finding movement room and areas of improvement with your current spending.

Great features you will find:

Asset Allocation – Where your assets are investment.
Portfolio Performance – How well your investments performed.
Mutual Fund Fee Calculator – Is one fund cheaper than another?
Universal Checkbook – Take a picture of a check and send it to anyone.

Additionally, I was able to stay up to date with my investments in order to make vital decisions about where my money should be placed so that it can help me get to retirement faster. Watching where your money is going can often be very complex and time consuming. However, this free application made it easy for me to stay informed and up to date while on the road. My wife even began using the Android app and it functions very well for our investment and money management needs.

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