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Filing Your Small Business Taxes With TurboTax

Mar 12 2013

Ken'ichirō Mogi, Senior Researcher of the Sony...

Ken'ichirō Mogi, Senior Researcher of the Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.,, talked with Kazuyo Katsuma, Certified Public Accountant, in Kōchi Prefecture on November 29, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finding a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) to file and prepare your taxes can be a challenge. You can spend hours calling around; trying to find one that can fit you in to their schedule. Fortunately, there is a solution. With the TurboTax CPA Select program, you are instantly connected to a qualified CPA in your area.

How Does it Work?

When you log on to the Turbo Tax site, it automatically registers your exact geographic location. You can change your location to find a CPA in another area, or simply choose one from the list provided.

After you select the CPA that you want to prepare your taxes, you will start the tax filing process. Instead of trekking all the way to their office and taking hours out of your day, you simply upload your documents onto the secure server and share them with your accountant. You can also share your documents via smartphone or fax.

When you use TurboTax CPA Select, you will connect with your CPA regularly by phone, email and other forms of electronic communication. When your taxes are prepared, you can pay your invoice online and download all of your tax filings. Your CPA will notify you when the IRS accepts your return. If you are owed a refund, your accountant will notify you of that as well.

Who is TurboTax CPA Select Designed For?

TurboTax CPA Select is great for small business owners of all kinds. If you are self-employed, a freelancer or an independent contractor, your TurboTax CPA Select accountant can help you sort out your unique tax issues. Your accountant will decide if you are eligible to file a Schedule C and help you with 1099 forms.

If you own a larger business and have employees, your TurboTax CPA will assist you in filing the necessary paperwork. If you have stock sales, home office deductions and equipment depreciation, your CPA can assist you with that as well. You can find all of the help you need with your small business tax filing with this Free TurboTax 2013 program.

Why Use a CPA?

When it comes to business taxes, there are a myriad of rules and procedures that must be followed to ensure they are filed correctly. Don't trust this function to just anyone. When you file your taxes with a certified public accountant, you can be sure that your taxes are handled by a professional with experience in the field. CPAs have official training and years of experience handling small business tax issues. Don't go it alone when it comes to your business. You have worked hard to build it up and your CPA will work hard to ensure that you get the most benefit from your tax filing.

Why TurboTax?

Turbo Tax has been the leader in tax filing for years. With partnerships with professionals from across the spectrum, you will have access to knowledgeable professionals such as tax attorneys, CPAs and IRS specialists. You can be assured that when you use TurboTax, you are filing your taxes with a trusted leader. File your business taxes today.

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