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Microsoft Windows Stores And Best Buy Partnership

Jun 18 2013

Apple Store, North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

Apple Store, North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Microsoft Windows Stores And Best Buy Partnership

Microsoft and Best Buy have announced a partnership that will create a new concept, Microsoft Stores where products such as PC's, tablets, Xbox, and phones will be offered. Microsoft is planning to open 500 of these new stores in the US and in Canada they will open 100 stores.

This is no doubt a concept that mimics Apple Stores in many ways but there will be differences, namely in size. The Windows Stores will be take up some 1,500 and 2,220 square feet as opposed to Apple Stores inside Best Buy, which are only 200 square feet. Microsoft will hire and trained 1,200 associates to operate the new stores.

The Microsoft \ Best Buy partnership also has created an online Microsoft Store. The new stores began opening in June and will continue until September when all stores will be in place.

Windows 8 was not widely accepted as an upgrade or improvement over Windows 7 and as a result, Microsoft sales were greatly affected by the lack of acceptance of the OS. The new specialty store concept is seen as a way for Microsoft to remain competitive with Apple and Google Android, which is Linux based.

Apple and Google iOS's held 96% of the market share for the 2013 first quarter but Windows RT and Windows had approximately 3.3%. The new stores is a way to have more exposure to all Microsoft products in one location. This is the main reason for the massive push of opening so many of these stores. The partnership between Best By and Microsoft definitely benefits both parties.

Announcing Windows Stores at Best Buy

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