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The All Conquering Google Stock Soars To a New High

Feb 12 2014

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apple's days as the most valuable company in the world may well be numbered as the rampaging Google stock, with its excellent results this fourth quarter, is well and truly in hot pursuit, having already left the Oil and Gas major Exxon Mobil far behind. Started as a computer science project in a Stanford dorm by two self effacing young PhD students, and officially established in 1998, Google Technologies has gone on from strength to incredible strength since then. Not only did the revolutionary search engine invented by young Sergey Brin and Larry Page survive the dot com bust of 2000, it went on to be one of the most important technological innovations of all time. Today, Google Technologies is arguably the most important technology company in the world.

A multibagger.
At the time of its much anticipated IPO in 2004, the Google stock was valued at a significant $ 85, giving it then an initial market valuation of $23 billion. Today, as of the time of this writing, with its brilliant results this Quarter, the stock is worth an incredible $ 1,185 giving it a market valuation of $ 399 billion, making it the second most valuable company in the world. For those lucky enough to buy the Google stock during its IPO in 2004, and to have had the wisdom and sagacity to hold on to it, the gains have an incredible 1,300 % since the IPO making this one of the greatest multibaggers ever.

Earning results of the fourth quarter :
This fourth quarter Google saw significant increases in ad revenues and a huge jump in the total paid clicks, leading to a 17% increase in sales and as well as a 17% growth in earnings. Earnings per share was $12.01 per, and total revenue this quarter amounted to $16.86 billion, beating most analyst expectations quite easily. While search engine advertising still continues to be the primary source of revenue, the fast growing YouTube business and the revolutionary Android seem be contributing their mite as well. Android in particular is emerging as the biggest obstacle to Apple's continued dominance of the smartphone market.

The Smart Company :
The last year saw Google emerging as the most innovative company in the planet, with the much discussed Google Glass and the self-driven Google Car. Larry Page as the new Google chief executive has made creating smart, innovative technologies and products the most important goal of the company.

Outlook for the future.
The projected price-earnings ration (or P/E ratio) for Google is as high as 26.7 compared to Apple's 11.9. This means, the market has high expectations from the Google stock's ability to grow even faster, and generate better return - much more than the trust placed in Apple. The Google stock is definitely a must buy for an investor looking to take advantage of the company's excellent prospects.

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