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Don’t Let Stock Swings Deter You From Investing

Mar 11 2014

English: Microsoft Corp (NYSE: MSFT) stock 5 y...

English: Microsoft Corp (NYSE: MSFT) stock 5 years. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s examine some Prospective Long-Term Buys; The follow 6 Dow Industrial stocks may well be good long-term buys.

These stocks we want to discuss are looking strong and all point to appealing charts that appear profitable. Stock swings are perfectly natural and at present the Dow Industrials are trading well in spite of the random sell-off. reports these stocks offer a good value for the money but a small warning, these are not selling cheaply. However, the 6 main stocks we will look at still look good for one to two years trading if you can ride out the stock swings.

Many other DJI stocks are presently trading below the estimated fair value for Morningstar, and these could show promise for quick swing traders.

All thirty of the Dow stocks are presently trading at around seventy-five per cent of the value that Morningstar recommend that investors should consider selling. However, current stock swings could mean that these shares could peak in the next two to five years. So, is the Dow market cheap or over-valued?

I look at Morningstar stocks and screen other stocks accordingly. It's vital to consider stock swings and this can be done by looking at 52 week highs, point and figure charts and any other market indicator. I am always wary of shares that are trading above Morningstar's fair values. Listed below are four of six stocks that are at present above the fair value estimate.

They figure on the list because they have a strong momentum and this is based on information from the Stocks Charts Ratings. Stock swings make many investors apprehensive but I will buy these to add to the Microsoft shares (MSFT) I purchased some weeks ago. Some investors who follow the stock swings feel that this is a bad time to invest, I feel that the market is not over priced.

So, lets talk about the six stocks that speculators may consider buying. Naturally a lot hinges on stock swings and risk.

. Visa V
. United Technology (UTX)
. E.I du Pont (DD)
. Microsoft
. Merck
. Nike (NKE)

If you want a fast overview create an easy to follow watch portfolio at a site such as Investors who follow stock swings can take a free glance at the stock sheets at, or any other financial website.

Morningstar offers estimated stock values and the fair values are updated as and when firms announce quarterly figures. Stock swings or stock market fluctuations are natural and it often pays to take this factor into account.

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