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A Look At Investing In Google

Jul 01 2014

Google Street View - Pan-American Trek - Downt...

Google Street View - Pan-American Trek - Downtown Banff (Photo credit: kevin dooley)

Investing in Google today is an interesting part of what stock investing may look like in future decades. Trading is excepted to change noticeably in the next 25 years, and the practice will appear quite different even within the next decade. The middle class of the future is expected to have access to personal stocking trading advisement from professional brokerage consultants. One of these advisers just might be in the form of a digital avatar designed to give highly personalized trading advice.

The idea of an adviser as an avatar may seem like an idea from science fiction, but it's projected to become science fact within the next two decades. The required technology is being developed at a rapid pace and shows no sign of slowing down. When stock trading avatars become available, these digital advisers will be able to manage the large volumes of related information with ease. They'll be able to process and draw meaningful information from this data at a much more rapid pace than a human could.

A stock trading assistant will be able to respond to voice commands and make portfolio adjustments in response to changing trends. This avatar will respond only to one client's instructions and will also later make trading decisions after it learns personal preferences. Some legal specifics apply to this type of avatar, but source code regulations are expected to be label to iron out any difficulties and close any loopholes.

Trading opportunities will also expand with this type of artificial intelligence. Some examples include trading across various risk classes and only trading on specific classes of shares from the same corporation. Crowdsourcing is also expected to have new applications with this type of stock trading in the future. These changes will have some implications for angel investors for start-up companies, but these investors will not disappear and are expected to make adjustments.

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