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Discount Offer for TradeStation Trading in 2014

Oct 29 2014

Tech hungry investors should take a look at the robust TradeStation platform for their stock brokerage accounts. This trade platform offers 3rd party integration, tools that are very original, advanced monitoring, and great help support. The fees can get a little expense if you do not meet minimums, but overall a great platform/brokerage. At this time you can get 90 days of commission free trading when you sign-up.

Web trading was recently introduced but the desktop application is the main format for trading with TradeStation. If you want a couple of instances of the application open at the same time, not a problem. Popular with hedge funds, 4 decades of trade data makes creating scenarios easy and thorough. Scan the markets for opportunities, create custom 3D charts, or do back testing, TradeStation has all the tools you need.

And the software allows you to customization all kinds of indicators and strategies with its own proprietary development language called EasyLanguage. The TradingApp store allows users and developers to share their custom creations, something truly unique that adds all kinds of versatility you cannot always find within a trading platform.

Getting Started - Lesson 1: Essentials of the TradeStation Desktop

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