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Google Rents NASA Airfield for Planetary Ventures

Nov 11 2014


Google just signed a deal with NASA to rent the Moffit Federal Airfield in the South San Francisco Bay. The historic facility for the next 60 years will be used to advance Google’s space and robotics division, Planetary Ventures. In addition to the rent of $1.16 billion, they will invest $200 million into improvements. Hanger One, Two and Three have been used to store space and air craft. Hanger One is still the largest free standing structure in the world after almost 80 years. The main hanger will be used to advance Google’s space craft design and robots development.

Hanger’s Two and Three will not be as hands on but will be used for public educational purposes. There is also a flight operations building and a golf course on the 1000 acre property. Hanger One was in danger of being demolished prior to the announced deal with the search engine provider. NASA sees the deal as a great budget saving effort as they will no longer need to use resources in maintaining the facility.

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