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CyberMonday Extends Beyond Monday

Dec 02 2014


Many consumers have decided that deals presented on CyberMonday will be around longer or start earlier than one day and therefore have delayed making an immediate purchase, according to released reports. As shoppers returned to work, stores saw a 8.5% increase in CyberMonday sales compared to the same day in 2013. This is down compared to the 20.6% jump that consumers saw in 2013 over the prior year. Some see this as a maturing of the shopping habits of consumers during the Christmas season.

The Christmas shopping season is longer this year and many retailers began offering online sales on Black Friday or before. Therefore there was a 17% increase in sales over the weekend before CyberMonday according to IBM. The company started tracking online sales before CyberMonday as they noticed the trend in earlier shopping beginning. NewEgg, an electronics retailer is presenting new deals daily during the month-long shopping season instead of presenting them all on a Friday or a Monday.

Amazon and EBay both presented blockbuster type deals on Monday but could not draw the same sales increases they saw last year. EBay had a really good day, increasing sales 19% while Amazon had a more difficult day, only gaining 12%. Wal-Mart began their promotions early and let them run for an entire week, dubbed CyberWeek.

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