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How To Protect Yourself From Rising Interest Rates

Jun 01 2015

There is always the possibility of the rise in interest rates, especially when in comes to bonds. Investing in bonds has becomes an ongoing trend. Sometimes the investment can be a safe one, others times it won't be. There is nothing you can do to stop it, but you can protect yourself from it. How? Below are some tips on how you can invest wisely. Below are also some tips on what to be aware of. This will ensure your investments are secure enough to handle the rising rates, especially during the summer months.

Always keep your eyes peeled on the market. There are two places where the rates rise. One place is in the bonds. The other place is in the bonds with long maturities. Why? It's going to take a long time for the bond to be repaid. The coupons will do very little to help offset the problem.
Your best bet is to look for bonds with higher coupons and shorter periods. These bonds will work better with rising prices. The best type of bond you can get is a junk bond. They usually go for ten years or less. They can bounce back more when it comes to time-sensitive issues.

Floating rate bonds are also a good way to go. If a company is doing well, this is a good sign. A well-balanced economy is also a good sign. If both of these are in tact, this will offset any issues that might arise. Keep your eyes peeled for these indicators.


If you are investing in a bond, you need to know the roles they play. The primary role of a bond is to produce a safe cash flow. This can cause issues when the rates go up and the company doesn't have a good balance. The second role is to provide a good balance. What happens when the rates rise? What if there is a loss? Your portfolio needs to be able to withstand this.

Your best bet is to have a diversified portfolio going. A big mistake many make is by investing in just one or two big named things. This is the wrong approach. Invest in a wide range of products and other bonds. What if something were to happen? If you only had one or two bonds going, your investments would go up in smoke. Don't do this to yourself. This way if something does happen and you do suffer a loss, you still have other resources available to you.

Invest in bonds that have the most potential, but are the lowest risk to you. In times od stress, you need a bond that will perform and respond well. You need bonds that will walk away from the rising prices unscathed.


I mentioned above that government bonds could be the best way to go. Even these have their negative outcomes. It all depends on where your investments are and how sustainable the market is. Your best bet is to speak to a professional. Get some sound advise from someone with experience in this field.

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