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The Benefits Of Short Trading With SureTrader

Jul 06 2015

Located in the Bahamas, SureTrader also clears the United State's rules and regulations regarding short trading with penny stock. SureTrader offers a long list of incentives for consideration.
If you deal with SureTrader, you will not have to adhere to the Pattern Day Trader Rule. You will be allowed to trade as you wish and will not have to settle for trading over 3 days out of the five in the trading period.

SureTrader recognizes that not all clients will have 25 thousand dollars actively available for account use at all times. You can do business without the common minimum.
Unlike many other firms, SureTrader asks for a small minimum of $2K to open an account.

There is growth in demand for short-sales and the SureTrader CEO has made it his goal to make SureTrader THE all-inclusive broker for short-sales.
So, you don't want to pay expensive fees? SureTrader charges a small fee of 4 dollars and 95 cents per trade up to 1,000 shares. This is a much better deal than most others will offer.

Because SureTrader is located offshore, they are not bound by every legality as those that exist within the United States.

There is no discrimination regarding international trading. SureTrader is ready to assist you in whatever area of the globe in which you are residing.
With all the exciting progress and success at SureTrader, a move to this company is a smart one. Feel free to reference my name in your correspondence.

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