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Latest News On Goldman Sachs

Aug 10 2016

Goldman Sachs

According to the latest released news from Goldman Sachs, the financial company's strategists have decided to veer away from stocks for three months. Global rates on stocks have been cut due to slow growth in earnings as well as expensive valuations. A lack of investor confidence has also influenced this decision.

Sachs strategists have also noted that risk aversion is another important reason for this avoidance of stocks for the short term this current year. Pick-ups in investor confidence are predicted to take time, according to the company experts' latest forecasting data. Over the rest of the year, neutral ratings on global stocks will be monitored closely at Goldman Sachs.

Over a predicted 12-month horizon in the somewhat longer term, Sachs strategists will be on the lookout for resets in stock equities that will add more strength to the performance in the market of specific global stocks. During this three month period away from stock focus, Sachs investors will be encouraged to place more of their portfolio focus on commodities and various forms of credit.

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