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Nvidia AI Tech Provides Platform For Self-Driving Automobiles By 2021

Jun 29 2017


Zenuity, a new partnership between Volvo and Autoliv, has exciting plans to develop software geared toward a self- driving automobile. Utilizing the Drive PX Al technology by Nvidia, Zenuity hopes to enter these vehicles into the sales arena by 2021.

This may seem like a lofty ambition, but self-driving cars powered by Nvidia's Drive PX are already being tested on the road today. Volvo and Autoliv's new joint venture will base their software advances on the technological foundation created by Nvidia AI tech. They hope this will speed up realization of a self-driving car that is available commercially.

While Volvo's efforts can be uniquely theirs, Autoliv can legally offer the software involved to others in the industry. Nvidia's Senior Director of Automotive on call believes the future holds beneficial collaborative efforts in the industry, and recognizes and acknowledges the technological rewards of utilizing the advances of Nvidia Al tech.

Volvo will directly benefit from Zenuity's new software, and Autoliv will benefit through sales of the software to established OEMs. Nvidia will also benefit, because their original software will be a primary component down the road, when these OEMs begin to employ the new system for their own autonomous vehicles.

Autoliv is well established as a provider of safety technology in the automotive world.  It has already been actively involved in systems ranging from radar to vision to assisted driver assistance systems technology. Facilitated by Nvidia AI tech, it will move up to a new level of self- driving technology.

Volvo's "Drive Me," a groundbreaking program for self-driving automotive technology, is a result of an earlier partnership between Volvo and Nvidia. Now, their business relationship is moving forward to a new stage, as they enter the realm of commercialized autonomous automobile technology.

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