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Intel And AMD Join To Challenge Nvidia

Nov 07 2017


Intel is looking to develop a new chip for their notebooks. The chip will combine the Intel CPU with the AMD graphics processor. The result is a chip that is small in size and lightweight yet is capable of delivering top of the line graphics for the most demanding of video games.

What seems like an obvious collaboration has not occurred since the 1980's. In fact, the two companies have been bitter competitors for years. They have battled fiercely for control of the market for PC processors. This advantage has admittedly gone to Intel for the majority of that time.

However, Intel is watching that advantage being challenged by NVidia. They have continued to be the producer of the leading graphic cards while developing the AI end of their business. This development of the AI end of things has had no effect on the core product of graphics cards.

AMD is giving NVidia a run for its money. They have begun to develop products that function in the same capacity as NVidia's GPU's. This new collaboration with Intel has created a product that makes the need for  a separate graphics card obsolete. The extra space created with this new technology is changing the design of the PC.

In an attempt to stay on top of the market, Intel and AMD are joining forces, regardless of the past rivalry.

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