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Twitter Stocks Rising; As Well As Hope

Dec 20 2017


Twitter, the social media site that numerous celebrities and many others use, got some much needed good news this weekend when they had their best closing value since the beginning of the year. Over the storied history of Twitter this looks to be a small sign of good things to come.

Twitter has always had rises and falls. Usually right after one is the other. This is giving investors hopes that with the announcements made of new abuse and harassment policies and JP Morgan publicly giving a positive feedback that things will get better.

Twitter has been scorned for their weak outlook and self regulation on their abuse and harassment issues that have plagued every social media site. They are hoping to rectify that problem with a new policy update. Stricter rules and harsher punishments always seem to be a good way to keep the malcontents at bay.

The bigger news for Twitter though has been the upgraded stock rating they received from JP Morgan investment firm. They now put Twitter within arm's reach of rival company Snap. The stock jumped ten percent today on the market and added another couple billion dollars to their cap value.

  This is a great upswing for Twitter, and if they finish strong through the year they could finish up thirty percent up from last year. They still have lots of work ahead in dealing with user growth and making sure that their policies are working, but this could be the start of a great trend going forward for them.

Twitter is finally cracking down on abuse (CNET News)

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