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Aug 14 2018

While looking for a good source of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency information online, I came across Remivee and his site This is becoming one of my favorite sites for information on the new digital currencies that were the rage last year but have fallen sharply since the end of 2017. And that was one of the criteria that I was looking for, a source that was honest and not just hyping holding Bitcoin.

Taking a look at a post today illustrates the great content that you will find. An analysis of the current short positions in Bitcoin as traded on the Bitfinex market. Read the first paragraph and you will discover that bears have short positions rising from 17 thousand to 34 thousand over the past two weeks. A clear sign that you should not purchase more at the current levels. Although no recommendation is made, the bull position is also analyzed from a historic position. The long positions were built last year at the 6000 price and are hard to break through for the shorts. The shorts are at a all time high level and could lead to a short squeeze according to Remivee.

In addition to the technical and graphical price breakout depicted in the prior article, a post about the current regulation of Bitcoin is also on the home page. A discussion of the SEC and the process the agency is going through to approve new Bitcoin ETFs. Some of the negative feeling surrounding the coins is based upon the governments reluctance to approve new financial products. Quoting the source cryptocurrency startup, it is noted that many believe the approval process will run into 2019. Manipulation of the market is a concern for the regulators. The CBOE feels that their ETF will be the first to market. With the creation of Bitcoin futures, some of the work on producing new products has already been done. The president at CBOE feels the creation of an ETF would provide funding into the asset and move prices dramatically higher.

As you can see from these two articles, a lot of good quality information that have you think of all the different angles and many topics affecting Bitcoin.

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