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Suretrader Trading Platform Review

Nov 05 2018

Suretrader a division of Swiss America securities Limited, is an online trading platform for traders and investors. This trading platform has a live customer support that is always available to assist where you need help. You can live chat if you want to know your way around the platform. Suretrader offers a 100k demo that helps guide new to trader on the platform before they start spending their money.

Suretrader Demo

This trading platform has been a host to thousands of traders. They have not quit on their customers. Every day there are news and events for clients. There are so many features especially when you first search the website you feel like you can’t comprehend it all until you see a sticker that says 100k demo. They care too much to make sure that you make the right decision when you decide you’re ready to start trading.

Suretrader Platforms

Suretrader has three platforms for traders and investors, suretrader activeWeb, suretrader desktop and suretrader mobile. These platforms make it more flexible for traders since they are not limited to one platform. With over 10000 plus symbols available on these platforms suretrader is one of the best online platforms.

The ease in using this platform is simply unbelievable. Everything is concise and laid out. The presence of the of the live customer support only makes it easier to navigate through the website. What makes sure trader stand out in its niche is the suretrader minimum. You only need $500 to start a suretrader account if you’re a day trader. There is no pattern in the rules and they vary everyday which means you won’t need thousands of dollars to trade the next day. The minimum a trader can have for him to start trading is also $500.

The platform is ad free and you will not be interrupted by an ad you have no interest in viewing. This is definitely a business environment which means you will not be distracted and you will be in the right state of mind when making this business decisions.

Suretrader is safe for all investors and traders to engage in all their businesses such as stock exchange since the trading platform is insured when I visited the FAQ panel I was flabbergasted when I learned that suretrader has liabilities up to $1000,000.00. The FAQ’s are vast typically every question or doubt you might have about engaging the services of suretrader are cleared by the FAQ’s.

Suretrader Minimums

The method of payments especially if you want to add even suretrader minimum amount of $500 there are several payments accepted like credit cards, wire transfers, Neteller, skrill and ACH. All bank transfers are secure and encrypted and you don’t have to worry about someone using your credit card information.

The advantages of using suretrader are many compared to other trading platforms. One of the advantages is their award willing customer support as I mentioned earlier you can live chat, email or call and there will always be a professional ready to help. Another advantage is the 6:1 leverage for day traders and 2:1 for overnight traders. The active online program lets you know when a stock is short or if restrictions apply.

Their lighting fast executions lets you enjoy the privilege of placing orders instantly and so many other advantages. There are no patterns in the trading rules so the minimum amount in your account does not matter. Suretrader has over 10000 short symbols and this fact makes it one of the best online trading platforms.

Another benefit of choosing suretrader as a trading platform is that there are extended hours which allows traders/investors to act upon news and events that occurs when the regular market is closed. Extended hours lets you enjoy the privileges of reacting to news and events. Extended hours are approximately 2 hours in the morning and in the evening.

100K demo lets you kick start your day trades. The availability of this demo is to make sure that you know what you’re doing before you start trading. This will save you from incurring losses since you don’t have the skills required yet to get into trading. The charged fees are $1.95 per shares and $0.5 per option contract.

Suretrader have ensured that they out do their competitors since this platform is nothing similar to what you will find in another broker platform. With only a minimum of 500 dollars you can start trading on suretrader. Let’s take an example of myself. I am a civil engineering student who wants to start making money online. When I first heard of this website I was reluctant since according to the information I had received, online trading platforms are a rip off and you will need a lot of money to be a trader. When I visited this website everything I believed to be true was false. Now I believe that I can trade with the suretrader minimum amount of only 500 dollars and make profits. The good thing is the commissions are very low and I am making a living out of trading on suretrader. The multiple charting tools in suretrader including technical indicator are
powerful tools in trading.

Suretrader is not limited to US citizens only. Traders and investors outside the US are also welcomed to trade. Companies outside United States are also allowed to trade. It’s only fair to say that suretrader is a global phenomenon and will soon takeover in its niche. 

Overall suretraders is a really good platform for day traders and it has provided so many chances for investment. You don’t need to be a millionaire to invest your time and money to suretraders. They got you covered and they just won’t let you incur losses that could be easily prevented. Their customer support is impeccable, I have visited so many sites but in all of them I have never seen a customer support staff that is as is effective as suretraders’. For those with an investment plan that they are not sure about just visit and start making profits. The low commissions will have you perplexed.

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