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What Is The Future For Facebook After IPO?

Jul 17 2012

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Facebook made waves on the NYSE recently as it went public in early May. Shares of the stock were snatched up at the initial price offering because of predictions that it would be a good money maker on the heels of its popularity when it was just a private company. The change in principle ownership did have users of the website worried though. Those that owned a Facebook profile became worried that Facebook going public would bring a lot of negative changes to their Facebook experience.  The truth is whenever company decides to go public there inevitably going to some changes that come along with it. What will be the future Facebook after IPO?

•    More Advertisements – Stockholders are always looking for ways for a company to increase its revenue. One of the only ways that Facebook can make money is through advertisements. You can expect to see more advertisements now that Facebook is a public company.

•    Increased search retargeting – Search retargeting is a process by which companies track what your interests are. They use this information to design ads geared specifically for you. This will be increased as Facebook looks for ways to increase income for its stockholders.

•    You will be see more information regarding your friends. You will receive more information on your feed regarding ads that your friends have received and products that your Facebook friends have purchased in an effort to help inspire you  to make the same decision.

Much like any other company, Facebook will be making efforts to increase the amount of money that is coming in to help keep their investors satisfied. They will be doing this by increasing ads that are targeted specifically towards you and your friends. Some even predict that Facebook will developed into a method in which you can actually pay for products and services.

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