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The Worlds Richest Hedge Fund Managers Exposed

May 15 2012

The amount that leading hedge fund managers make on a yearly basis tends to shock most people considerably. Whilst the incomes of celebrities and public figures tend to be widely published and highly talked about, those of the worlds richest hedge fund managers have tended to go unnoticed. Whether this is down to a secret lifestyle or efforts to conceal their identity is up for debate but now it has been exposed in infographic format for the first time ever.

This is surprising in its-self given the extremely large sums that they managed to take home. This infographic breaks down exactly how much leading made last year and how they did it. It also looks at the demographic of the top 40 managers in the world, analyzing their age, sex and individual trades they made. Finally it compares the total of their earnings not to other rich people but to entire countries GDP. 

This infographic was produced by - a stock and forex broker comparison site.


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