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Never Underestimate The Importance Of Teamwork

Mar 27 2012

found photo: business leaders

found photo: business leaders (Photo credit: squareintheteeth)

When opening a new business in London, the key to success is finding the right team to make it work. In business, just like in sport, teamwork is the key. And the quality that holds any great team together is the mysterious and mercurial ‘morale’.
Look at any great team in any field of life, whether it’s the current Barcelona football team or the team of web wizards behind the success of Google, and you’ll notice several things they have in common.

While individual brilliance is definitely needed for success, without a strong team unit individuals are unable to shine. The driving force behind any team is morale, or team spirit, a quality that is difficult to define and even more difficult to create. It involves all the team members being happy, comfortable and confident in their roles. But more than that, it is about each individual working for the greater good.

Teamwork In Business

In the world of business, teamwork is absolutely essential. Even if you have staff that are individually brilliant, if they are all pulling in different directions it will inevitably be a disaster. But have a clear unified goal, with well-determined roles and operating systems and the rewards will be obvious.

Creating Goodwill

It’s all about making your staff feel happy and confident. About fostering an atmosphere of strong communication and boosting morale. We’ve probably all had jobs where this has been lacking and know how bad it can be.

It’s important to make every member of the team feel valued. Treat some staff more preferably than others and watch the resentment grow. After all, any individual team is only as great as its weakest member. But make every employee, from top to bottom, feel like they are the most important in the company and they will all be working for overall success. It’s all about getting staff to invest in the company. There’s no cheap trick to make this happen, it has to be the real deal.

Carrot Or The Stick?

There’s no doubting that fear can be a good motivator but not in the field of business. If staff are fearful of losing their jobs or terrified of making mistakes, then they are not concentrating or committing 100% to what they should be doing. A strong team relies on confidence. If people are constantly kept in the dark, it’s impossible for them to see where they are going.

opening business in London and making a go of it in one of the biggest markets in the world is no doubt an exciting step. If you can harness that excitement and infuse staff with a similar enthusiasm, then you are stepping in the right direction towards business success. But remember, it’s all about the long game. Getting to the top is easy: it’s the staying there that is the really hard part. So listen to your staff every step of the way.

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