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5 Of The Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs

Feb 02 2012

More and more young people are coming up with innovative and million dollar ideas and brands. It is an incredibly exciting time especially in the social media sphere with countless gaps in the market and marketing strategies. In this interesting article we look at 5 of the most influential young entrepreneurs and their young entrepreneur stories and while reading their stories of success, we will near hand to face and slap ourselves for not thinking about their idea before they did.

Mason from Groupon, aged 30, Net worth of Groupon $4.75 billion

Groupon was started in 2008 by the young entrepreneur Andrew Mason and since then has enjoyed tremendous success. It was the fastest company to ever reach the billionth mark and has spread cross globe. With the economic crisis the world was faced with many people’s spending patterns decreased and the need for promotions and deals was evident. With the formation of Groupon, people saw a way to still enjoy life’s leisure but at a discounted price. Thousands of companies are registered with Groupon and advertise their business and promotions through them.

2. Matt Mullenweg from WordPress, aged 26, Net worth of WordPress $40 million

Blogging has become ever popular with the internet putting the traditional means of communication like magazines and newspapers out of business. If you are a blogger, chances are you are utilizing WordPress. Matt Mullenweg, one of the most famous young internet entrepreneurs, conceptualized WordPress  in 2005 and two years later he started working on it full time. Wordpress is the most commonly used blogging platform across the globe.

3. Naveen Selvadural from Foursquare, aged 28, Net worth of Foursquare $80 million

Naveen Selvadural originally created Foursquare so him and his friends could have more access to happenings in New York and now it has grown into a million dollar brand and company. Foursquare is the pioneer in position networking and is part of a strategic marketing tool used by companies and brands to create brand awareness and loyalty.

4. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, aged 26, Net worth of Facebook $6.9 Billion

Obviously one of the most famous young entrepreneurs in the world deserves a spot on this list even though he has received more than enough exposure. Facebook is the largest social media platform and continues to grow in staggering numbers. 95% of the people I know are on it and utilize it on a daily basis as if their lives depended on it.

5. Blake Ross, aged 25, software developer (Mozilla Firefox), Net worth $150 million

Blake Ross, one of the most successful and young entrepreneurs, primarily recognized for his development of Mozilla Firefox and at the ripe age of 25 has managed to rake in enormous amounts of money. He has been voted for the Wired magazine’s Rave Awards.

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