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Market Weakness Creates VMWare Inc (VMW) Buying Opportunity

Jun 11 2010

Market Weakness Creates VMWare Inc (VMW) Buying Opportunity

VMWare Inc (VMW) stock has been on a nice run over the past year from a low $26.12 a share on July 8, 2009 to a recent high of $70.71. The company develops, markets, and sells the very popular software product by the same name that allows enterprises world-wide the ability to better utilize computer server space by partitioning the resources into separate virtual servers.

Many website hosting providers are now offering cloud computing solutions based on VMWare or similar software packages (See The ability to install, copy, and reinstall a complete server allows for easy redundant processing and nearly 0% downtime. The future will most likely feature little to no failure rates for major websites that have readily available servers for processing at peak times.

Analysts have raised the company’s earnings expectations over the past 90 days from 28 cents a share to 32 cents a share for the current quarter. The company is now schedule to announce their earnings on July 19th. The next quarter has had a similar upgrade pattern from 29 cents a share to 32 cents a share this week. The current quarter earnings have grown 60% when compared to the same quarter a year ago, while revenue is expected to be 43% better year-over-year for the quarter. Yearly growth is estimated to be 31% earnings and 33.5% revenue compared to last fiscal year.

The Price to Earnings ratio is a little rich at this time even after a recent dip in share price. The current P/E ratio is 136 trailing and 44.15 forward. This translates into a PEG ratio of 2.45 for the upcoming 5 year period. PEG ratios close to 1 are ideal with anything above 1 being considered overpriced all things considered. You could build a small trading position in VMWare leading into their earnings.

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