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Taking A Look At SureTrader The Best Choice For Penny Stock Short Trading

May 13 2014


Sure Trader is a company that is Bahamas-based and that clears through US based clearing firms. Recently, their CEO spoke about many of their appealing qualities on Friday's LiveStock on demand. Let's take a look at some of these great qualities they offer.

SureTrader's clients are not subject and not affected adversely by the Pattern Day Trader Rule. This means basically that their clients are able to trade as much as they want and not be restricted to 3 day trades in a 5-day rolling period.

Another positive is that you can operate your account with less than $25k which is a great advantage to investors.

Another great factor of opening an account with Sure Trader is that they require a minimum of just $2000 to do so. This is far less than what is required by most other companies.

Shorts are not waning at all, on the contrary, brokers are now seeing great demands for them. And the other good news is that CEO Guy Gentile is committed to making certain that Sure Trader becomes and remains the
short-sales all-in-one broker.

Another great benefit is that for trades up to 1000 shares, the cost involved is only $4.95 per trade, making them one of the least expensive firms out there.

Another positive is that being an offshore company, they avoid many of the involved and complicated US rules.

SureTrader is open to and anxious to be of help to international traders wherever they might be based. This is something unique and of great benefit no matter where you might be based.

Please don't hesitate to use my name as a referral getting started You will certainly be glad you did as there will be a lot of positive things happening in the near future.

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