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Google Stock Stuck in 2014 For Now

Nov 04 2014


Google stock has not seen much movement during 2014 even with revenue growth of 20% last quarter and earnings growth of 14% during the same time period compared to last year. But the company has moved into a leadership role in the new area that is set to explode in the coming 5 years, the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart homes are thought to take IoT on a annual growth rate of 67% in the next five years. This movement to a $2 billion unit industry will out pace the current darling, mobile devices. This relates to a $409 billion revenue market in 2019 from the current %61 billion market today. Google hopes to be the leader in this market while still focusing on its core search business.

Google has made three acquisitions into this area in the past year including Nest, Dropcam and Revolv. The company can now take household thermostats, smoke detectors, appliances, lights and security cameras and connect them to the Internet for monitoring and control. The data alone that Google will be able to collect from smart home devices will generate large sums of ad revenue. Facebook has been able to turn user data into a soaring stock price thanks to mobile ad revenue. Microsoft is doing similar things will its cloud products and increasing share price. Google could be prime to jump in value thanks to its efforts in IoT.

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