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Rating Royal Bank Of Scotland Today

English: Royal Bank of Scotland Portre, Isle o...

English: Royal Bank of Scotland Portre, Isle of Skye. Note the RBS logo in Scottish Gaelic Français : Banque RBS à Portre, île de Skye, à noter le nom de la banque écrit en écossais (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rating Royal Bank Of Scotland Today

Royal Bank of Scotland Group operates in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Its operations in other countries are minimal in comparison. Either way, RBS functions as the holding company for a financial services and global banking group. The company features expansive operations worldwide, which isn't surprising given its hefty stock price. Unfortunately, investors can't figure out a consensus on the company.

Rating Royal Bank of Scotland has proved difficult lately. While plenty of positive signs exist, the negatives are hard to ignore. Currently, analysts are nearly equally divided on buy and sell ratings. Plenty of stock analysts are in the middle and calling for a hold rating. Slightly more analysts are recommending that investors sell their shares of RBS. However, one big industry leader recently voiced its opinion for RBS.

AlphaValue recently stated again its sell opinion on Royal Bank of Scotland. Of course, investors take AlphaValue's word very seriously, more so than other rating firms. RBS has traded across a wide range this quarter, which isn't necessarily good news. The rating firm has stated a sell rating multiple times in the past on RBS. At this point, that stance doesn't appear likely to change any time soon.

In the end, RBS is a consensus hold stock either way. Too many firms are calling for sell, hold, and buy ratings for any other consensus. RBS could easily see solid growth or a downtrend over the next few months. With that in mind, this worldwide banking leader shouldn't be counted out just yet. Investors should hold onto their shares and even consider purchasing a few more.


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