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Rating Royal Bank Of Scotland Today

English: Royal Bank of Scotland Portre, Isle o...

English: Royal Bank of Scotland Portre, Isle of Skye. Note the RBS logo in Scottish Gaelic Français : Banque RBS à Portre, île de Skye, à noter le nom de la banque écrit en écossais (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rating Royal Bank Of Scotland Today

Royal Bank of Scotland Group operates in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Its operations in other countries are minimal in comparison. Either way, RBS functions as the holding company for a financial services and global banking group. The company features expansive operations worldwide, which isn't surprising given its hefty stock price. Unfortunately, investors can't figure out a consensus on the company.

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Royal Bank of Scotland- Rating Downgrade

Royal Bank of Scotland

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The notion that megabanks like the Royal Bank of Scotland are too big to fail apparently isn’t as easy a sell to as it used to be. Everyone hopes that the European Union will be unable to save foundering debtor nations Greece and Italy from default, but no one can see how. And fears are growing that default is inevitable.  Meanwhile, governments, which are cash poor to begin with, are responding  to  their public’s growing impatience with bailouts by sending signals that they won’t come to the rescue of any financial institutions left holding worthless debt. As a result, for the third time in two months the Royal Bank of Scotland has seen its credit rating lowered by one of the big debt rating agencies, not because of any change at the bank itself, but because debt rating agencies are factoring government reluctance to engage in further bailouts into their overall assessments  of financial institutions. This is why Standard & Poors recently downgraded the RBS from an A to an A-  rating following  similar moves by Moody’s and the UK agency Fitch’s in early October.


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