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Roaring Kitty: The Catalyst Behind GameStop's Soaring Stock Price

The Beginning

This regular dude with a day job saw something special in GameStop way back in 2019. He thought the stock was way undervalued, so he started buying options like crazy. Basically, he bet the stock would go up, big time. And guess what? He was right!


The Reddit Forum and YouTube Fame

Keith didn't keep his insights to himself. As Roaring Kitty, he shared regular updates on WallStreetBets, a Reddit forum. His YouTube channel echoed his enthusiasm, touting GameStop as a solid investment. Then, in August 2020, something crazy happened. A big-shot investor named Ryan Cohen bought a ton of GameStop stock, and the price went nuts! Keith's original $53,000 investment ballooned to a cool $1 million.

The Short Squeeze Phenomenon

A thing called a "short squeeze" happened, and GameStop's price went NUTS, skyrocketing to almost $500 a share! Keith's investment became a whopping $48 million. He admitted, "I thought this trade would be successful, but I never expected what happened over the past week."

Market Volatility and Unwavering Belief

The party didn't last forever, though. The stock price dropped a bunch in February, but Keith stayed true to GameStop. He actually bought even more shares, bringing his total to over 100,000! He also had a bunch of options contracts and extra cash on the side. This guy wasn't messing around.

April 2021: The Millionaire's Journey

Keith exercised 500 call options contracts, gaining 50,000 more shares at $12 each. Then he bought another 50,000 shares, pushing his total holdings to over $30 million. As of April 16, 2021, Keith's Reddit post hinted at nearly $20 million in gains, with GameStop's share price at $154.69.

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All You Need To Know About The Trump SPAC


There is no doubt that former president Donald J. Trump is a real estate mogul. He is a multi billionaire with many real estate holdings around the world, key among them being the iconic Trump Tower in New York. After vacating the office of the POTUS, not much has been heard from Trump except reposting of his press releases. Recently, however, major media outlets around the world have been flooded with stories and interviews about the Trump SPAC. This is one of Trump's major successes and is bound to make him a lot of money. Read further to learn more about the company.

Trump SPAC Explained

A special acquisition company (SPAC) is a type of blank check company, more closely related to an exchange traded fund than it is to a traditional company. A blank check company contains several types of securities that can be structured to fit the investment goals of the shareholders. One of these types of securities is called an "unit". A unit can be viewed as similar to a share of stock, except that instead of giving you ownership in an actual company, it gives you limited rights to certain assets of the company. These rights are limited because they are usually restricted to receiving proceeds from certain sale transactions of the company.

The Trump SPAC was created with the intent to use the proceeds from the sale of units to buy up portions of other companies by buying large numbers of their shares on the market. The Trump SPAC will also use the proceeds from sale of units on other transactions like acquisitions or paying down debt.

Trumps new venture is a special acquisition company known as Digital World Acquisition Corp. The SPAC trades under the ticker - DWAC - on Nasdaq and other major exchanges. All the frenzy about the Trump SPAC emanates from the recent announcement of DWAC acquisition of TMTG. After the announcement the company stock grew by more than 800% in the first two days of the announcement. So far, the stock has grown by over 1,000% and has been compared to the AMC and GameStop stock by Reddit's WallStreetBets. It is interesting to note that it's not just DWAC stock that is rising fast at the moment. Phunware, a software startup massively involved in the Trump campaign also saw a rapid rise in stock prices due to the Trump effect.

How He is Backing the SPAC

Trump has gone public to dismiss major social media companies for banning him, noting that while the Taliban thrives on social media, major companies have banned him from their platforms. His goal was to acquire TRUTH social, a social media giant that can take on big tech. Going public with his statements is what attracted tech investors and his followers and convinced them to purchase this meme stock. DWAC announced that it would be acquiring the Trump Media & Technology Group popular for its Miss Universe Pageant rights.

In a press conference at the White House Rose Garden, Donald Trump stated that this issue is a matter of life and death. “You would think a company like Facebook would understand the seriousness of a threat like ISIS. The fact remains that Facebook banned me from their platform.”

“I have been calling for a major investigation into these companies that have been silencing so many voices,” Trump said. “They are controlling what we can and cannot see. It’s a dangerous thing when they are controlling your information.


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