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Buckle Up, Buttercup, Inflation's Back and It Ain't Pretty!

Remember that dream of a rate cut this year? Yeah, that's looking about as likely as a snowball fight in July. The Fed ain't budging until they see inflation cooling down for real, and the reports this week aren't exactly giving them the chills. Surprisingly, the market continues to trend higher.


Mortgage Rates

And speaking of chills, how about those mortgage rates? They're shooting up faster than a rocket on Red Bull, hitting their highest level in two months. So much for that hot spring housing market, folks. Let's hope for a trend downward soon.

Keep Your Head Up

Bottom line? Buckle up, buttercup! This inflation ride is gonna be bumpy, but us savvy investors know how to navigate these choppy waters. Just remember, stay informed, stay focused, and don't let the fear mongers get you down! Some stocks are still producing good earnings and it's a election year.


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