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How to Track Down Debtors Around the World

English: Loan payment schedule of a 1-year, fi...

English: Loan payment schedule of a 1-year, fixed-size payment loan with 3% monthly interest. Shows the accumulation of the interest, the payments and how much of the total cost consists of interest. The effective annual percentage rate is calculated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to Track Down Debtors Around the World

It is becoming less and less common for businesses to know their customers personally, especially if those customers live on a different continent. There was a time when companies only did business with their neighbors, people with whom their kids went to school. The internet has made it possible now to have customers who do not even speak the same language you do, much less have the same laws. While such a global economy has proved beneficial for many, it is not without its challenges. When laws vary by country, how will your company enforce contracts when payments are past due?

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Never Underestimate The Importance Of Teamwork

found photo: business leaders

found photo: business leaders (Photo credit: squareintheteeth)

When opening a new business in London, the key to success is finding the right team to make it work. In business, just like in sport, teamwork is the key. And the quality that holds any great team together is the mysterious and mercurial ‘morale’.
Look at any great team in any field of life, whether it’s the current Barcelona football team or the team of web wizards behind the success of Google, and you’ll notice several things they have in common.

While individual brilliance is definitely needed for success, without a strong team unit individuals are unable to shine. The driving force behind any team is morale, or team spirit, a quality that is difficult to define and even more difficult to create. It involves all the team members being happy, comfortable and confident in their roles. But more than that, it is about each individual working for the greater good.

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Office Appliances Accounts for the Majority of Business Electric Costs

Wind turbines (Vendsyssel, Denmark, 2004)

Wind turbines (Vendsyssel, Denmark, 2004) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The price of operating a business has skyrocketed over the last two decades, but it is possible to cut costs when it comes to electricity. Office appliances now account for the majority of electric costs. When you choose the right office appliances, operate office appliances correctly and compare business electricity prices you can save your business thousands of pounds each year.

Office Appliances Eats Profit

Office appliances are the largest electrical expense of your business. The more equipment you use and the longer it stays powered on, the more profit it continues to eat. However, if you understand exactly which pieces of office appliances consume the most electricity and what you can do to prevent waste, then you will begin to see the savings directly on your bottom line.

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2011 Texas Business Growth Was Fueled By Fossils


In 2011, the oil and gas industry in Texas experienced growth in nearly every sector, including drilling permits and employment. According to a report by the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers (TAEP), higher oil prices in Texas resulted in a ripple effect that resulted in an across-the-board increase in energy payrolls in the state. As a result, the state of Texas enjoyed strong economic performance in 2011 while the rest of the United States continued to struggle with the effects of a recession.

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How to Fund Your Start-Up Business

More Than A Meal

Image by kmakice via Flickr

Have you got a great idea for a start-up, but are wondering how to get it off the ground? You’re not alone - this is a problem that many (if not most) businesses will have to face eventually, either to temporarily patch up cashflow issues or to accelerate growth. Funding a start-up with no financials can be a little tricky (especially now) but it’s still possible – here are some options:

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Understanding Purchase Order Financing for Businesses

An illustration of a company's supply chain

Image via Wikipedia

With the recent financial turmoil that has hurt even the most stable enterprises, small business are having difficulty acquiring the credit they need to push their company forward. In light of today's uncertain times, many conventional lending institutions have grown hesitant to the idea of lending to small business enterprises. It is in this scenario that purchase order financing becomes a necessary tool to help successful companies fulfill their goals and grow.

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Motivation for a Small Business

Old Burton Building in King Street, Truro, Cor...

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It’s well known that for a business to be successful (especially a small business), the director or management in charge should examine all fragments of the business including: finance, tactics, marketing, operations, personal, resources and sales – using this (or their own) fragments and arranging them by priority.

Your tactics - the way in which you go about getting your business; your five year plan for example. These are all strategically considerations and having a business plan in place will help to ensure you meet your objectives. Regular review of such a plan is recommended for maximizing your success.

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How To Treat Your Investing Practices Like A Business

Main foreign exchange market turnover, 1988–20...

Image via Wikipedia

If you are contemplating the possibility of taking a more active role in your personal investments, then one of the most important steps you can immediately take is not trying to decide where to place your capital, what stocks to buy, or what currencies to short; instead, the most important step to immediately take is to sit down and write out a business plan.


How can a business get most benefit from a conference call?

conference call

If you're in business, you'll know that communication is key to everything you do. For many businesses, conference calling is a vital part of their communication strategy. It allows businesses to communicate with others quickly, easily and efficiently. While these benefits might seem obvious, it's not enough just to think that because you've decided to use conference calling services, you'll automatically make the most of them without any thought. Here are some of the things that can help your business make the most of its conference calls.


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