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Why Investors Should Be Interested In Bank Of America

Jul 01 2013

English: A Bank of America Banking Center at P...

English: A Bank of America Banking Center at Porter Ranch Town Center, a shopping center in Porter Ranch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why Investors Should Be Interested In Bank Of America

While the company had a tough financial ride a few years ago, Bank of America has done the best it can to redesign its company and its products to make it a more serious competitor. There are several reasons that investors are starting to look into Bank of America stocks: the first being that for now, they are still fairly cheap because the bank is still paying off debts and has yet to reach its potential for profits.

Another reason investors should take serious consideration into purchasing Bank of America stock is that they are trying really hard to create customer loyalty and satisfaction. Building this reputation ensures customers will stick with this bank over others and guarantee continued and even increased profits in the future.

Some other reasons to look into B of A stock in the near future are due to the bank's plan to reduce annual costs and improve efficiency throughout the company. While the brand name has been talked down quite a bit in media outlets, the bank is desperately trying to improve its reputation and profitability. Because of this, stocks are low at the moment, but can be expected to rise dramatically as improvements are made and profits rise.

While any investment is a risk, it appears that Bank of America stocks have dropped to a low point, and have been consistently rising since 2012. One analyst, Thomas K. Brown, suspects the stock to sell in the twenty's within the next two years, a seven dollar rise per share than right now. For all of these reasons, investors are now paying more attention to Bank of America and should continue to for the next several months.

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