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Bank Of Scotland Rating

Sep 14 2013
Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bank Of Scotland Rating

In July of this year, Moody's Investor Service announced that they would review the Royal Bank of Scotland rating in order to determine whether or not the lending institution deserved a further downgrade in rank.  The bank, which current has only a woeful D+ financial strength rating (similar to a credit assessment of baa3), may greatly suffer from a further downgrade.  Investors thinking of putting their assets in the hands of the Royal Bank may quickly regret it if the lending institution hits another bump in the road.

Why Investors Should Be Interested In Bank Of America

Jul 01 2013
English: A Bank of America Banking Center at P...

English: A Bank of America Banking Center at Porter Ranch Town Center, a shopping center in Porter Ranch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why Investors Should Be Interested In Bank Of America

While the company had a tough financial ride a few years ago, Bank of America has done the best it can to redesign its company and its products to make it a more serious competitor. There are several reasons that investors are starting to look into Bank of America stocks: the first being that for now, they are still fairly cheap because the bank is still paying off debts and has yet to reach its potential for profits.

How Goldman Sachs Beat The Estimates

Apr 18 2013
English: Logo of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc....

English: Logo of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Category:Goldman Sachs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How Goldman Sachs Beat The Estimates

Expected to do little on Wall Street for the first quarter of the financial year, mega investment firm Goldman Sachs proved the critics wrong by beating the expectations for earnings in the first part of the year with a strong performance.  The criticism of the investment bankers came from a belief that there would be less debt underwriting than hoped in the continuation of the housing crisis, although Goldman Sachs earned well above the estimates. 

Small Banks Vs. Big Banks: Which is Better for my Business

Current Bank of America branch in Porter Ranch...

Image via Wikipedia

This is a question that is weighing on most business owner's minds these days, especially since the banking crisis and the bailout debacle of late. Many of the big banks, that we were so certain were too large to have anything to worry about, failed. The small banks were almost expected to fail.  But that only makes one wonder if the business account is safe anywhere. The truth is it isn't.

Is Mis Selling Financial Products A Thing Of The Past

Is Mis Selling Financial Products A Thing Of The Past

The FSA, a government watchdog tasked with regulating the mortgage market has taken decisive action against mis-selling, ensuring that borrowers are compensated if they are misled.

DB Mortgages, a mortgage provider for the Deutsche Bank was hit was fines nearing £1 million last week for irresponsible lending practices and unfair treatment of customers in arrears. Whilst the government was penalizing the company, it also managed to force DB to repay £1.5 million in unfair fines and charges.

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