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Business Projected To Boom With Trump Administration


Love or hate the results of the 2016 election, both Donald J Trump supporters and those who are less than thrilled with the election's results, can join together to rejoice in at least one aspect of what the Trump administration will mean for America.

Business is projected to boom as Donald Trump comes into the Oval Office. Just released this week, the November reading for the small business optimism index in correlation with the National Federation of Independent Business catapulted from 94.9 percent to 98.4. This is the largest surge in percentages since 2009, a time when many were hopeful that President Obama would pave the way for profit.

However, the red tape that instead ensued and lingered both with Obamacare and other resulted shortcomings of the now-ending presidency of Barrack Obama, washed away much of the optimism for small businesses across the U.S.

Profitable Businesses to Start In 2016


Many consider self-employment the American dream and strive towards leaving their jobs behind. Lets take a look at some business that will be profitable in 2016 if you are one of these individuals looking for a business idea. You might consider what you know about and what you are good at doing. But looking at profitable industries can also be of great help.

The metals industry has a good profit margin, around 10% net, and there is plenty of demand at this time for coating and engravers. The repair of electronic equipment is something that everyone is looking for to save some money in comparison to purchasing the latest version. Net profit in the industry is a little bit better than 10.3%. Another place to look is technological consulting. Help companies get up to speed on new products and services in the marketplace.

BT Working Hard To Achieve Its Goal

BT Openreach van. (Vauxhall Vivaro)

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BT is one of the leading companies in UK that provides telephone, broadband internet and subscription television services. Lately the company announced that it will expand over 60 exchanges across the UK that will support fiber optic cable as part of its around 2.5 billion pounds program to provide access to quicker broadband services. With these exchanges, two-thirds of homes are expected to be connected in the UK. Even though most of the exchanges will be running by the end of this year, the remaining few are expected to go live by 2012.

Motivation for a Small Business

Old Burton Building in King Street, Truro, Cor...

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It’s well known that for a business to be successful (especially a small business), the director or management in charge should examine all fragments of the business including: finance, tactics, marketing, operations, personal, resources and sales – using this (or their own) fragments and arranging them by priority.

Your tactics - the way in which you go about getting your business; your five year plan for example. These are all strategically considerations and having a business plan in place will help to ensure you meet your objectives. Regular review of such a plan is recommended for maximizing your success.

Small Banks Vs. Big Banks: Which is Better for my Business

Current Bank of America branch in Porter Ranch...

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This is a question that is weighing on most business owner's minds these days, especially since the banking crisis and the bailout debacle of late. Many of the big banks, that we were so certain were too large to have anything to worry about, failed. The small banks were almost expected to fail.  But that only makes one wonder if the business account is safe anywhere. The truth is it isn't.

Small Business Recession Survival

Small Business Recession Success

The recession is going to be a very difficult period for everyone but most especially dentists. No matter how small one’s practice is, it is expected that dentists will be hit during these tough economic times. There is a lot to learn about recessions with history’s point of view in mind. When Japan went through a recession, their spending habits were dramatically changed. They consumed and bought less as compared to before their economy endured a recession. According to most economists, the recession which we are experiencing right now is predicted to last for five to six years. In that span of time, American’s spending habits will be dramatically changed. However, how will this change in spending patterns affect dentists and their practice?

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