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Small Business Recession Survival

Apr 12 2011

The extent in which a dentist will be affected by the growing recession will depend on the kind of practice that he or she has established. Although people would not think that dental services are that necessary and hence can be foregone should they have to tighten their belts, dental health is still something that most people care deeply about. During the recession, dentists may have to alter their practice a bit to be responsive to the changing times.

A dentist can establish four different kinds of practice. According to the classification released at the Schuster Center, the Level I dentists are those who have undergone the right training and finished a degree in dentistry but may not have advanced technical skills. These are the dentists who perform the basic dental services. Most of the dentists establish this kind of practice because it is easier on them and a lot more convenient. These dentists are in charge of performing basic dental services and people will still look for these dentists even with the recession but that does not mean to say that their practice will not be affected. They will still see a slight dip in their income, but individuals will still flock to these dentists especially since the services they render address the primary and most urgent dental concerns of patients like getting a rotten tooth out.

The Level II dentists are those who have had advanced technical training. They are often the dentists who specialize in cosmetic dentistry or are trained to place dental implants. Before the recession, these dentists were enjoying privileged lifestyles because they still had a lot of clients who came to them for cosmetic dentistry procedures. The current recession is changing this because people no longer have the means to have these procedures done.

The most affected by the recession are those dentists who are part of the Level III and Level IV classifications. These dentists have established very specific and specialized practices. An alteration of their practice will help them keep afloat during these troubled times.

Elliot Pearson writes as a specialist in Dental Marketing Solutions which includes building websites and search engine optimization.

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