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Business Projected To Boom With Trump Administration

Dec 21 2016


Love or hate the results of the 2016 election, both Donald J Trump supporters and those who are less than thrilled with the election's results, can join together to rejoice in at least one aspect of what the Trump administration will mean for America.

Business is projected to boom as Donald Trump comes into the Oval Office. Just released this week, the November reading for the small business optimism index in correlation with the National Federation of Independent Business catapulted from 94.9 percent to 98.4. This is the largest surge in percentages since 2009, a time when many were hopeful that President Obama would pave the way for profit.

However, the red tape that instead ensued and lingered both with Obamacare and other resulted shortcomings of the now-ending presidency of Barrack Obama, washed away much of the optimism for small businesses across the U.S.

As Obama's 8-years come to a close, optimism has returned. In fact, NFIB Chief Economist, Bill Dunkelberg spoke to Bloomberg News about the rise in optimism for small business owners, stating that the results only recently climbed after the results of the election came through. This suggests that it was not only the end of the red tape, but the arrival of Donald Trump that has prompted business to get excited about what is ahead.

This reimagining of hope for small businesses is expected to flow downwards towards clothing stores, convenience stores and restaurants. Washington businesses are the exception... residents here still remain apprehensive for the future. Hopefully, here too, that will soon change.

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