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Why New Investors Should Focus On Healthcare And Tech Stocks

Jun 19 2014

For the last 8 years, the rate of unemployment has kept on rising. On the other hand, the growth of industries in technology, energy and healthcare show an upward trend thus energizing the deteriorating economy. Amazingly, some sectors like manufacturing, which were reliable before are now perishing and taking with them whole cities.

During the few final years of Bush Administration and early Obama Administration people who depended on wages as their only source of revenue really suffered. On the other hand, a good portion of Americans who use alternative methods of revenue generation such as investing made more money. In fact, corporate payoffs rose to about 150 per cent as compared to 2007 figures. Many people fear to invest since they think investing requires a complex procedure.

Investing in the Tech Sector

The tech sector forms part of the billion-dollar untapped market especially in the robotics. Money Morning argues that life sciences, an industry that adopted robotics fastest recorded a net gain of 75 percent from the ordered units by the year 2013. The Robotic Industries Association said that America shipped 26,000 industrial robots around the world netting a combined value of 1.7 billion US dollars.

Investing in healthcare

According to Yahoo Finance, healthcare sector rose to 19 percent last year, and 2 percent in the past month. Additionally, SureTrader, a company specializing in mobilizing people to invest in the healthcare sector, argues that investors need to look for companies manufacturing safe and efficient commodities. Khyle Higgs of SureTrader told Opposing Views that the industry of healthcare needs investments at all times since research is progressive. However, new investors need to research and make informed decisions in order to minimize the risk of investment since investment lawsuits do not come cheap.  Overall, everyone needs to embrace the idea of investing as a necessity to ensure income generation instead of depending primarily on wages.

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