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The Top 5 Dow Jones Stocks You Should Invest In

Jul 11 2017


What are the top five Stocks that all investors should own in 2017? If you ask an investor this question, they will likely tell you to choose Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks. The Dow Jones is made up of 30 of the largest companies in America.

These companies have a solid history of strong performances and they tend to pay excellent dividends. This is why anybody should add it to their retirement portfolio.

If you cannot invest in the 30 components of the Dow, there are different ways to approach the situation. You can lean towards a tech, healthcare or financial based portfolio because the companies on the Dow Jones Industrial Average operate in those sectors. ETFs have also become a popular way to invest in the sectors for the Dow.

With the above said, below are the top five Dow Jones stocks you should invest in this year.

1. Microsoft Corporation
2. Apple Inc.
3. Visa Inc.
4. JPMorgan Chase & Co.
5. Pfizer Inc.

Microsoft Corporation has a strong track record of paying dividends and have raised them on a consistent basis throughout the last 10 years. As of now, it pays $0.39 per share. This is about four-times higher than what it was paying in 2007, when the company was paying $0.10 per share.


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